Lavender & Vitamin E Hand Cleanser

Lavender & Vitamin E Hand Cleanser

*Limited Edition*

Our very own Roco & Coco Hand Sanitiser is now available. 

We will send a bottle FREE with any clothing purchase.

We wanted to create a gentler alcohol hand sanitser whilst still ensuring it would do the job with the appropriate alcohol concentration.  This 100ml spray bottle has a final alcohol concentration ratio of 66%, in line with World Health Organisation recommendations. It's blended with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E oil to moisturise and soothing Witch Hazel, Lavender and Tea Tree essential oils  which provide an extra boost due to their natural antimicrobial and antiseptic properties.  

The result is a refreshing hand sanitiser which leaves hands with a subtle scent and no sticky residue. 
- 100ml
- Hand Sanitiser spray
- 99.99% effective against bacteria
- Moisturises and softens skin
- All ingredients are EU and FDA approved
In stock, warehoused & shipped from the U.K.
*Product may not be suitable for pregnant women.

Should you wish to purchase individually special small item postage is £5. (3-5 days).